This table has topped the list of my favorite creations. The end result of this 3-part paint pour is stunning. Casting glass was used to create crystal like striations through the piece. (Extreme Caution as this may be sharp in some areas!) ArtResin was used to coat the top of this table to protect the paint. ArtResin is a soft resin and is susceptible to taking marks and indentations, if not treated with care. Extreme heat will cause the resin to soften, so avoid long direct exposure to sunlight and hot items (use coasters for your tea!) :) 


the diameter of this table is 40" and the table comes to 19" tall. Perfect height for a coffee table or center piece. Not traditional dining room table height. Contact me local pickup. Must be willing to drive to meet, or pay for personal shipping, as the piece is large!

Jupiter in the center of the living room

  • When cleaning, use microfiber or any NONabrasive cleaner! Keep in mind the crystals are not flat in the table and will snag your rag if carelessly brushed over! Be gentle and treat table with care